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  • Penny Gagnon

    Can you add cameras if you need to for a second baby

  • Valentina Sasson

    Im from Uruguay and i want to buy this baby monitor, i cant find where it says the voltage. In Uruguay we use 220 v, im in the US and i want to buy it here. Would it work?

  • Abdullah Saeed

    Is it possible to have 3 cams running at the same time and showing on my mobile using same account and easily i can view all 3 cams at the same time from my mobile?

  • James Wood

    Is it possible to rotate the camera image in the app? We like to lay our baby's head at a certain end of the crib but on the app this makes him look upside down. The way the camera mounts doesn't allow for rotating the camera so being able to rotate the image in the app would be great.

  • Steven Avery

    Good morning! I've gotten my camera connected to Wi-Fi, but when I attempt to access the video it gives a message saying the Camera ID and password are wrong and redirects me back to Wi-Fi setup. Am I missing a step somewhere?

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